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Local Order (Republic of Singapore)

Price quoted is in Singapore dollars, unless otherwise stated. All prices are inclusive of delivery within Singapore only (excluding delivery to surrounding islands).

Orders can only be confirmed and executed with full payment accordingly to the actual value place for the order.

No cancellation is allowed on the day of delivery.

Items used in all arrangements are subjected to their availability. When an item is not available, the closest substitute of a similar value will be used. Please refer to our substitution policy.

Prices quoted are not applicable for special occasions. Please request for our updated festive prices.

We would require between 5 to 6 hours to fulfill an order made on the same day. A surcharge of SGD$30 will be imposed for Urgent delivery.

A surcharge will be imposed for any delivery request outside the following hours from 9.30am to 6.30pm SGT. However, all charges to be imposed will be at the discretion of the Company. For Sunday and public holiday deliveries, please confirm our delivery schedule. We will not accept special delivery requests during festive periods (for example, on Valentine's Day, Chinese New Year, and so forth).

No Express delivery service for Saturday, Sunday, Public Holiday, Eve of Public Holidays, and other Festive peak.

In the event that our staff can not fulfill special delivery requests due to unexpected events like traffic jams or delays at some delivery point, in any event, we can only do our utmost to deliver on the time specified by our customer. In the unfortunate event when an item cannot be delivered at the stipulated time due to circumstances beyond the control of our staff, the Company will not be liable for any claims arising out of the situation.

We will send confirmation for all orders requested. Filling out of the order does not mean an order had been accepted.

Our customers may refer to our helpful terms for non-specific items.

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International Order (Worldwide)

Ordering from us:

We can send your flowers almost anywhere in the world. Our shop sent out oversea delivery using reputable international flowers-by-wire company with worldwide service in more than 185 countries.

Customer are encourage to place their Orders at least two working weekday before the desired date. Some remote country may require extra time.

We provide RUSH Next Business Day service to most developed nations. In other countries, delivery can generally be promised within three business days or less, excluding weekends and receiving country Time Zone. The Recipient's Phone Number is required for RUSH service.

RUSH deliveries are never promised on Public Holidays when the local florists are closed. Saturday or Sunday deliveries can be requested, but are not promised.

On the three days preceding Valentines day, Mother's Day or Christmas, only funeral orders can be promised as a RUSH delivery.

The sender's requested item will be delivered as a RUSH order if the filling florists have those items in stock. A final choice of a container arrangement, bouquet, roses in a container arrangement, roses boxed or wrapped, green plant or blooming plant is required in order to promise next business day RUSH delivery.

The order will not be considered late if there is not someone at the address to accept the flowers when delivery attempt is made. In such cases, the filling florist will continue to try to reach the recipient by telephone to schedule a redelivery.

Additional charge applicable if confirmation of delivery by filling florist is required.

Flowers cannot be delivered to PO Boxes, PSC (Postal Service Centers) or APO Addresses.

You need to give us your personal greeting or message for the enclosure card.

Order from Our Affiliates

Alternatively, you may also use any one of our Affiliates, please note that if you choose to order from our affiliates, any queries or questions will have to be directed to them, Blossoms & Leaves will not be able to answer you queries as your purchase is made directly with them.

For queries regarding your order to, you may direct your questions directly to them regarding your order.

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Our Substitution Policy

  • Due to various seasonal and regional conditions, availability of some flowers may be very limited in certain areas. Also, specific flower varieties or colors may not be available for delivery on a specified day. Therefore, it is possible that the exact bouquet pictured or requested may not be available for delivery.

  • In this event, the florist will deliver a second choice of similar flowers and container of equal value and beauty. Every effort will be made to maintain size, shape, and overall color schemes of an arrangement, but there may be some variance due to designer interpretation. In single variety arrangements, variety will take preference over color.

  • If a particular flower or container is not available, an item of similar quality and value will be substituted. Substitution is only done when a situation arises beyond the control of our staff. In the event that a substitution needs to be done, the following guidelines will be used:

    • There shall be no substitution in type of arrangement; that is, no change in size or shape.

    • In the arrangement of assorted flowers, the colors shown in the online catalogue will be used if possible even if this means substituting other kinds of flowers of equal or higher value.

    • When a substitution is necessary, the utmost care shall be taken to maintain the overall effect of the arrangement illustrated in the online catalogue. For example, spiked flowers should be substituted for spikes and round flowers for round.

    • In arrangements of a single kinds of flowers, such as roses, the variety is of first importance, preceding color in this instance only.

    • Substitution does not means that we will replace a fresh cut flowers with a non-natural types; for example, we will not replaced a fresh tulips with a non-natural type or a sunflower with a plastic or silk. (......more details)

  • Please note that images shown on the web site are for illustration purpose only.

  • Delivered products may exhibit some variations due to seasonal availability of blooms/products

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Terminology Commonly Used

  • Bouquet: (Sometimes called a "hand-tied") cut flowers artistically arranged, tied, then wrapped so that the recipient merely unwraps the flowers, then places them in a container.

  • Condolences Blanket: A piece of blanket with sympathy wordings for the bereaved family. Common in Singapore.

  • Condolences Banner: A piece of cloth, at least 15 feet in length with sympathy wordings, but length can be longer than 15 feet. Common in Singapore.

  • Condolences Flower: An arrangement or a bouquet given to the bereaved family.

  • Congratulatory Scroll: A rectangular piece of cloth about 30 inches by 44 inches, with auspicious wordings for a company opening ceremony. Common in Singapore.

  • Congratulatory Banner: Similar to scroll above but length is longer. Common in Singapore.

  • Container Arrangement: Cut flowers arranged in a utility container, often using floral foam.

  • Filler Flowers:  Filler flowers have a complex branched system of stems and flowers.  They should be smaller in size, to the other flowers next to them in the arrangement.  They are used to fill in empty spaces, add accent and complete a design.  Examples of filler flowers include baby breath, statice, bouvardia, short heather, Queen Anne's lace, aster and wax flower.

  • Filler Foliage:  Filler Foliage fill in an arrangement and complete a design without introducing a new color that might detract.  Examples of filler foliage include plumosa, tree fern, huckleberry, ming fern, sprengeri, boxwood and ivy

  • Flower Meanings:  Sending flowers must be one of the most special ways to brighten up someone's day. Its made extra special if the flower meanings send a message too There is more to just giving or receiving flowers as every flower lover knows but even the experts can't agree on the real meaning of many flowers. Here are a few of the more traditional ones.

  • Form Flowers: These flowers are so named because they have distinctive shapes that are interesting and captivating. Form flowers are often used at or near the rim of the container to provide a traditional focal point.  Example of form flowers include anthurium, bird of paradise, Easter lily, calla lily, iris, protea, orchids, heliconia and ginger.

  • Funeral Flowers: An arrangement on a stand, sheaf, spray, cushion, or pillow for delivery to funeral services, constructed according to local tradition and customs (Note: Not to be delivered after a funeral).

  • Funeral Wreath: An arrangement of fresh flowers in the shape of a wreath or cross and placed on a stand, delivery to a funeral parlor, funeral wake at home etc (Note: Not to be delivered after a funeral).

  • Line Flower: Line flower are named simply for their linear Shape.  They are used effectively to create height, width and dept. Example of line gladiolus, stock, delphinium, larkspur, snapdragon, liatris, tall heather, cattail, forsythia, quince, leptospermum, and pussywillow.

  • Line Foliage: Foliage having a linear shape are used with line flowers to repeat a framework.  A ;linear repetition of flowers and foliage sets a strong, unifying pattern within a design.  Example of line foliage include scotch broom, spiral eucalyptus, gorse, gladiolus and iris leaves, ferns, myttle and flax.

  • Loose Cut Flowers: Cut flowers wrapped in decorative paper or cellophane for the recipient to arrange in his or her own container.

  • Mass Flowers:  Mass flowers are so named because their purpose is to add mass to an arrangement.  They are solitary flowers, consisting of a single, rounded flower head at the top of a stem.  Roses, carnations, chrysanthemums and tulips are only a few of the mass flowers available.

  • Mass Foliage:  Add weight and bulk to an arrangement quickly.  Examples include leatherleaf, salal, pittosporum, huckleberry and camellia foliage.

  • One Dozen 12 of a particular item: The term "dozen" is common in North America but not in some parts of the world.

  • Orchid Box: Assorted Singapore orchids packed a cardboard box.

  • Sympathy Flowers: Flowers as a bouquet, or container arrangement done in a suitable manner for delivery to the bereaved family.

  • Vase Arrangement: Cut flowers arranged in a keepsake quality vase. (....more )

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How do I cancel my order and get a refund?

WorldPay is the Payment Service Provider for the site you made a purchase from and not the owner of the store. WorldPay cannot authorize refunds nor stop transactions once authorized by the bank. Refunds, however, can be authorized by the business you have purchased from. Please contact the business which own the site you have purchased from and they  should be happy to deal with your query.

For order made through our affiliates, please check our International Order for details.

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How do I make a 3 in 1 Order and What is a 3 in 1 Order

A 3 in 1 Order is a product which is unique to our Site, customer can purchase 3 different bouquets at a greatly discounted price.  However, delivery can only be made to the same recipient at the same address, delivery date can be schedule on different day up to a maximum of 12 months from date of purchase.  Delivery is not applicable for Valentine Week and Valentine Day itself.

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What do you means by customization your order

This is yet any special feature of our site.  When customer wants an items which is not found on our site, he can email us or call us for a quote.  Payment can still be made through our secure payment gateway using the customization selection found on our shopping page.  For details instruction, please visit our Customization Page.

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How to Make an Off-line Purchase

Offline purchase can be made using our Offline Form, or customer can email us for additional instruction for payment method preferred.

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Mode of Payment Accepted by Us

For Online Payment, we accept VISA and Master. For Offline Payment, we can accept VISA, Master, Diner, AMEX, JCB, Cheques, Money Order or COD (Cash on Delivery).

Other form of payment will be added in future.

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SSL Secure Sockets Layer

SSL provides sound privacy protection by encrypting the channel between the shopper and the merchant - ideal for the exchange of important information such as credit card numbers

Our web site encrypts your credit card number prior to transmission over the Internet using industry standard secure socket layer (SSL) encryption technology. For SSL to work you must use an SSL enabled browser. Most available browsers; version 3.0 and later, support SSL.

However, no transmission of data over the Internet or any other public network can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. Although we make reasonable efforts to safeguard your personal information once we receive it, we cannot warrant the security of information you transmit to us

To find out if your transaction is secured, check for the unbroken key or closed lock symbol in the frame of your browser window. Or check the merchant's URL - it should change from "http" to "https" when processing secure transactions. Both Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer support SSL

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What does W331 Declined mean?

This type of response corresponds to a decline from the processing bank. The authorization process is carried out by the bank and WorldPay has no part in the subsequent decision. The decline message is sent to WorldPay by the bank with no explanation nor justification.

The reason for a decline is often to do with incorrect information entered, which does not relate to your card.

For example, 

  • Wrong issue number

  • Wrong expiry date

  • Wrong valid from date 

  • Wrong security code etc

If you still have problems we advise you to contact your card issuer to find out more information.

If you need to pay for the goods by alternative means then please contact the business which owns the site. 

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What is W330 referred?

This type of response corresponds to a referral from the processing bank which translates into a decline on the Internet, because no further identity checks can be carried out.
The authorization process is carried out by the bank and WorldPay has no part in the subsequent decision. The referral message is sent to WorldPay by the bank with no explanation.

However, WorldPay is aware that on occasions banks refer for the following reasons:

  • a request for further information such as authorized signature or card holder identification

  • frequent use of the card within the last 24 hours.

  • a random referral

If you call your card issuer, they may say that they are awaiting an authorization code from the business. As this is an online purchase, an authorization code CANNOT be obtained and sent to your card issuer to authorize the transaction.

We would therefore advise you to try again later or alternatively use a different card.

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I have received a Server time/Thread error message

The error message that you received responds to a connection problem conflicting with your internet browser. If you receive a payment acknowledgement e-mail it means you have placed an order. This payment acknowledgement e-mail will contain information about the order you have made and will contain a Transaction id that we use to identify you. If an e-mail has not been received please attempt the purchase again.

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What if my enquiry is not answered by the FAQs

Answers to the most frequently asked questions are detailed above. However if your enquiry cannot be answered by the FAQ please refer here before emailing us with the details of your enquiry and include the purchase transaction id, FuturePay id or username. 

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