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Language of Flower

The origin of the language of flowers pre-dates Victorian times, as flowers have always had religious, mythological and symbolic meanings. Mme. Charlotte de la Tour penned the first flower dictionary in 1819 in Paris. Entitled Le Language des Fleurs, it was an overnight sensation.

The way the flowers were worn or presented, the color of the flower, and of course the flower itself all had to do with the particular message that was trying to be conveyed. If the flowers were presented upright, they had a positive meaning. However, if they were presented upside down, their meaning was the opposite. If the ribbon was tied to the left, the meaning referred to the giver; the right referred to the recipient. Flowers were used to answer questions also. If they were handed over with the right hand, the answer was "yes"; with the left hand, "no"

Sending flowers must be one of the most special ways to brighten up someone's day. Its made extra special if the flower meanings send a message too There is more to just giving or receiving flowers as every flower lover knows but even the experts can't agree on the real meaning of many flowers.

What does the Meaning of Flowers mean? Each and every flower have a language of their own. Flowers mean different things to different people. Every flower has a different meaning to each individual that sends or receives the flowers. To some people the meaning of flowers means flowers for a thought in time or a moment in time, to represent that unique special occasion.

Flowers inspire blessings, concealed love, reciprocated love, flowers are mood moderators with their fragrance. Flowers may mean a feeling you are feeling at a certain time and to share that feeling with someone with flowers can add a special touch to make the moment priceless and unique in its own special way.

Not only do flowers make us happier than we know, they have strong positive effects on our emotional well being and a natural aphrodisiac for passionate response.

To complicate matters it is not just the variety of flower but its color and the number of blooms in the bouquet which affect the meaning.  So to help in understanding what each type of flower means, and let you enhance the moment by sharing flowers that have an added meaning to that type of moment, love, happy, inspirational , etc., we have comprised a list of what each color of flower means based on the flowers color and the type of flower.

This is a guide to helping you select the right type of flower and color of flower for the right occasion, situation and / or moment. The list of flowers and what each type of flower means are listed below alphabetically for easy searching.

Roses are the most widely acclaimed flower with a silent voice that speaks the loudest

Language of Roses - the different rose colors.

Discover the best way to express your love, affection, friendship, thankfulness, joy and all the other important emotions that make life so rich and rewarding by sending the appropriate rose color bouquet...and let that someone special in your life know exactly how you feel about them, be they wife or husband, friend or lover, mom or dad, grandma or grandpa or perhaps your favorite hero of the day...there are no limitations when sending roses..

Red and white rose together says unity while red and yellow stands for happy feelings and togetherness. Pale colors represent sociability and friendship.

A single red rosebud is a sign of a new love. In full bloom it says "I love you" or "I love you still" and a bouquet in full bloom signifies gratitude.

White rosebuds signify "too young to love" and the moss rosebud stands for a confession of love. Hybrid tea roses say "I'll remember you always" and sweetheart roses symbolize exactly what the name implies.

Two roses tied with a ribbon signify engagement and a fully opened rose over two buds implies secrecy.

A crown made of roses indicates a reward and leaves from a rose express hope. Withered white roses may mean either fleeting beauty or "you made no impression".

With roses and flowers there are no limitations as to what can be expressed. The colors and aromas of the different types of roses all have their unique place the history of human expression. Knowing the specific meaning of a rose only enhances the experience of sending and receiving rose and flower bouquets.

Now that you have found the best rose color to express your feelings head on back to our Rose Bouquet Selection and pick out one of our beautiful Rose Bouquets that we will deliver to that someone special in your life.

A bouquet of flowers has been a traditional gift since time immemorial, but over the years individual flowers have acquired meanings of their own. It is important that you should have at least a nodding acquaintance with the language of flowers to ensure that your gift does not convey an unintended message.

Bachelor's Buttons point to devotion, hope, love. These flowers were carried around by young bachelors who were in love. If the flower faded quickly, it was a sign that their sweethearts did not love them. If the flower did not fade, everything would go well with their love affairs.

With the Camellia colors only shade the meaning. Pink - I'm longing for you. Red - You're a Flame in My Heart. White - You're Adorable.

However with Carnations it is a different matter. Pink - I'll Never Forget You. Red - My Heart Aches For You. Purple - Capriciousness. Solid color - Yes.  Striped - No, Refusal, Sorry I Can't Be With You, Wish I Could Be With You. White - Sweet and Lovely, Innocence, Pure Love. Yellow - You Have Disappointed Me, Rejection.

A Pink Geranium shows doubt, "Please explain yourself", but scarlet is uncompromising "I do not trust you".

Color is not always significant. A Gloxinia of any shade declares love at first sight.

A purple Hyacinth says "Sorry" but yellow indicates jealousy. The same sentiment is expressed by the yellow French Marigold.

The message of the Petunia is "I like you near me" and the Sweet Pea says "Goodbye. Thank you for a lovely time." The Spider Flower tells you "I am not so bad as I seem". 

You may be thinking by now that this is all fairly straightforward and that you will soon get the hang of it.  But beware! The language of flowers has evolved over many centuries and not everyone agrees as to the true meaning.

For instance the Petunia also signifies resentment and anger. Take care when you include a Spider Flower in your bouquet since it can also mean "Elope with me!".

You may also explore the meaning of other type of flowers commonly used in a bouquet or arrangement.


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